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Who We Are

Turn North Consulting starts every project with this following sentiment:  "You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north!"   We want to help every team - whether the team is struggling or whether the team is killing it and simply looking to further increase their impact - to move on to their best!

Turn North Consulting is a collaborative effort between Elizabeth Huston and Jasmine Storey to create efficacy and efficiency while ensuring that each team member understands he or she is a meaningful, important part of the team. 

Meet The Team


Elizabeth Huston

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Elizabeth Huston comes to Turn North Consulting with fifteen years of organizational and team design experience.   Fascinated by how people relate and committed to encouraging each person to be the best version of themselves, she loves being on a journey with so many while both her fellow travelers and she grow each day.


Jasmine Storey

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Jasmine Storey is an organizational savant with a background in insurance, information technology and marketing.   Jasmine understands how systems work and brings efficiency to every process with which she interacts.  

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